Let's be Boldly Bearcat

by Kimberlee Dobbs

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Get ready to take an adventure with the UC Bearcat in ‘Let’s be Boldly Bearcat’ by Kimberlee Dobbs. This book will take you and your child on a visual tour of UC’s 14 colleges and regional campuses to introduce them to various college majors and professions…

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Across the Color Line

by Mark Curnutte

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Across the Color Line: Reporting 25 Years in Black Cincinnati presents Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Mark Curnutte’s stories published in The Cincinnati Enquirer over a twenty-five-year period beginning in 1993.  With hard-won insights gained from years of community reporting, Curnutte describes experiences of African-Americans..


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Jim Crow Sociology: The Black and Southern Roots of American Sociology is an extraordinary new volume that examines the origin, development, and significance of Black Sociology through the accomplishments of early African American sociologists at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)…

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