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Thinking About Ohio

Thinking About Ohio

Call for Manuscript Proposals

The University of Cincinnati Press seeks authors who can write about Ohio’s global significance using an inclusive and diverse lens to share stories of the state’s richness, resources, and talent—Ohio’s firsts, points of pride, and under-told stories—that reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and build for the future…


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Chasing Success: The Challenge for Nonprofits

By Judith Van Ginkel

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A study of nonprofit administration, using the organization Every Child Succeeds as an example.

Chasing Success uses the story of Every Child Succeeds as a case study for readers interested in the changing landscape of nonprofit administration. With the benefit of Van Ginkel’s years of experience in nonprofit management, this book offers concrete lessons about developing a new nonprofit…

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Melvin Grier Book

It Was Always About the Work

By Melvin Grier

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In It Was Always About the Work: A Photojournalist’s Memoir award-winning photojournalist Melvin Grier tells the influences and circumstances that led him to tell stories through the camera. Over the last six decades, his work has vividly portrayed community, humanity, irony, fear, war, elegance, art, and most notably, the unexpected. With nearly 100 black-and-white and color photographs included in the book, Grier shares photos from his most famous exhibitions and news stories—images that capture the moment and so much more.

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American Values, Religious Voices, Volume 2

Edited by Andrea Weiss and Lisa Weinberger

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Religious scholars and leaders engage in a nonpartisan social media letter-writing campaign following the 2021 Presidential inauguration.

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, biblical scholar Andrea L. Weiss and graphic designer Lisa M. Weinberger teamed up to create Values & Voices, a national nonpartisan campaign…

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