CLIPS Submissions

The University of Cincinnati Library Publishing Services (CLIPS) provides affordable digital publishing support for our faculty and students who want to produce and distribute open access journals in any subject area. We are interested in partnerships to create sustainable journals that are intellectually rigorous and open to all through our Open Journals Systems platform.

We provide a suite of digital services that support academic researchers and authors: open access publishing, institutional repositories, authors’ rights and copyright advising, research data management, digital preservation, open educational resources, and support for the tools of digital scholarship.


Cincinnati Library Journal Hosting is a service available to editorial collectives with at least one member who is a current University of Cincinnati faculty member. The Libraries provide use of an installation of Open Journal Systems (version 3). This software streamlines the editorial process:

  • Authors can submit manuscripts and agree to the terms of publication
  • Journal editors can assign articles to peer reviewers
  • Reviewers can submit their reviews online
  • Journal editors can manage copyediting, design, and publication of manuscripts

Our Responsibilities

  • We help members of editorial collectives with configuring and using OJS 3
  • We refer editorial collectives to freelance editors, designers (or vendors who provide these services), and printers for journal editors who want to make their own arrangements to pay for any services in support of publishing
  • We apply for an ISSN for the online version of the journal
  • We register DOIs for published articles


  • All journals will be required to obtain a letter of support from their department or school that indicates a long-term commitment to the project
  • The editorial collective must adhere to the code of ethics produced by the Committee on Publication Ethics
  • The staff of the journal must check all bibliographic references appearing in accepted manuscripts and add DOIs for any that are missing them (see information from Crossref)
  • All published articles must be made free to read online immediately upon publication, preferably under a Creative Commons license, with authors retaining copyright
  • CLIPS must have the right to archive published articles in the Scholar@UC
  • making them free to read online even if the journal ceases or moves to a new hosting service.

Services we provide

  • Consultations on scholarly publishing projects and on navigating the changing world of academic publishing
  • Editorial support (e.g. advice on copyright clearance, ethics matters etc.)
  • Turnitin check service
  • Cover design 
  • Metadata, DOI and ISBN registration
  • Publication in downloadable PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Kindle) formats as well as in-browser online reading
  • Chapter specific landing pages
  • Print-on-Demand (POD) service and listing through book retailer websites and distribution lists
  • Publication of data, software and media files associated with the book
  • Inclusion in search, indexing and aggregation platforms, library catalogs, library suppliers, discovery services, etc.
  • Sending print copies of the published journal to authors/editors as well as reviewers
  • Royalty payments to authors/editors from print sales
  • Archiving into appropriate repositories, legal deposit, and preservation services
  • Typesetting and digital file creation
  • Library Journal Hosting at