About the Press

The University of Cincinnati Press was established in January 2017 as a new scholarly publisher committed to advancing the university’s strategic direction, Next Lives Here, by publishing rigorous, peer-reviewed scholarship, exploring new modes of publishing, and boldly developing a new, sustainable organizational model. Without a backlist and large infrastructure to manage, the Press is free to develop a publishing model that is innovative, flexible, and responsive.

In the fall of 2017, the Press published its first book. In 2018, the Press launched its first season of six regional and scholarly books. In 2019, the Press developed a program that concentrates on long-form scholarly books, theory-to-practice works, journals, open-access projects, conference proceedings, and OER course books. The Press looks for projects across the humanities, social sciences and STEM fields that focus on trans-disciplinary social justice and community engagement and that open a dialog between scholars and practitioners. The Press publishes all its books according to accessibility best practice guidelines.

Stretching its imagination, the Press bridges campus-wide pathways through a successful, embedded relationship with the university library, a strong co-op 2.0 program for UC students, and service to the faculty and staff with robust publishing support. In mid-2017, to meet the needs of UC faculty and students, the Press launched a second imprint by merging scholarly communications with the Press and created CLIPS (Cincinnati Library Publishing Services). Overnight, CLIPS began to provide copyright guidance, publishing support, and advocacy and instructional efforts for textbook affordability initiatives in all academic departments on campus.

During the early planning stages of the Press, Dean Xuemao Wang boldly accepted the charge to create a unique business model fully integrated within his library infrastructure. Today, the Press is a leader in innovative hybrid university press models, which maximize economies of scale to produce world-class scholarship. It embraces Local + Global = Tomorrow and looks for ways to increase open access content. The Press is a member of the Association of University Presses and Library Publisher Coalition and is an OhioLINK Affordable Learning Ambassador.

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The University of Cincinnati Press is committed to publishing rigorous, peer-reviewed, leading scholarship accessibly to stimulate dialog between the academy, public intellectuals and lay practitioners. The Press endeavors to erase disciplinary boundaries in order to cast fresh light on common problems in our global community. Building on the University of Cincinnati’s long-standing tradition of social responsibility to the citizens of Cincinnati, state of Ohio, and the world, the press publishes books on topics which expose and resolve disparities at every level of society and have local, national and global impact. Founded in 2017, the Press uses a new, integrated operations and financial model that is fully integrated with the university library. Through the Press’ publishing services division, CLIPS, it strives to collaborate and support university and faculty publishing efforts.


The Press explores new modes of scholarly publishing that shrink the distance between author and reader and expand the traditional published book dynamically to cast a real-time, interactive lens on the written word in a stable environment. The Press seeks to establish a highly sustainable, mission-based university press business model through unique utilization of library and university staff to reduce cost. By incorporating university press publishing with library publishing services and scholarly communications, the Press forms a publishing continuum which is university and community focused, flexible, connecting scholars and readers worldwide to the University of Cincinnati.